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World Trade Institute

The WTI, established in 1999, is one of the world's leading research centres and training institutes in international trade law. The WTI's training and education programmes are both offered in Switzerland and abroad. It has become increasingly apparent that there is a huge deficit in knowledge and expertise, particularly in developing countries, in this relatively new and under-studied field. For this reason, the WTI is now offering students from all over the world the possibility to follow one of its training programmes. It is hoped that this programme will make a contribution to bridging the knowledge gap and redressing some of the asymmetries between developed and developing countries in the role that they play in the world trading system.
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Distance learning programme on international trade regulation

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About our programme
The World Trade Institute, at the University of Bern, the home of the Master in International Law and Economics (MILE) programme, provides a distance learning programme on international trade regulation, which culminates in a Certificate of Advanced Studies in International Trade Regulation awarded by the WTI/University of Bern.

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